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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Skiing, Paris and Amsterdam Housewarming

Fresh Swiss Snow, Beautiful Paris in Spring & Amazing Amsterdam by Night

Over the past months I have traveled to Zurich a couple of times for work. One of these trips happened to include a weekend and since Marc Frencken was working as a ski teacher less than 100km from there (in Engelberg) I decided to pay him a visit and do some skiing. It was great! Both seeing him again and skiing felt very good. The weather wasn't optimal, but nevertheless I got quite a bit of skiing done :-)

Since Shosh lives in Holland for over a year-and-a-half now and she still had not been to Paris, something seemed to be wrong... So "close" to Paris and not visiting..? Luckily we know a couple of awesome people that live in Paris (Sander & Susan) and that had no problem being our hosts. And what a hosts... they were fantastic!! The first night we went out for some real French food and the morning after they spoiled us with fresh croissants and champagne!

The rest of the weekend we spend doing all the touristy stuff like checking out some of Paris's many bridges.

Since they live smack in the middle of Paris we could do all sightseeing on foot. I think we visited all of the famous places and had a wonderful time.

All together now... sniffing up some culture "in front of" the Louvre ;-)

Be careful of the water...

Ending the day at the Notre Dame and a "biertje" on a terrace!

You can't visit Paris without going to see the real Moulin Rouge!!

The last bit... Sacre Coeur and Centre Pompidou.

Two weeks later we also finally had the Housewarming of our new crib in Amsterdam. It is an awesome place - a former mental health institute - and it is huge!!! Therefore we had no problem hosting over 60 people just in the kitchen area ;-)

More to come as Spring finally arrived in the Netherlands... :-)


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