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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Christmas & Bachelor Party

Nice Christmas dinners, presents and a bit later an awesome bachelor party...

For the first time since 1981 (the year I was born) we had a white Christmas in Holland again. So we didn't do anything except sit inside and eat, drink and laugh with family. Oh yeah, and of course exchange presents :-)

We all drew tickets and had to keep secret for each other who our gift persons were. For the person you had you had to make a fun surprise and if you wanted a poem. It was a lot of fun to see the different surprises everyone came up with. Once again a very nice Christmas!

As you might know Shosh and I'll be heading to India soon to have nice vacation, but also to attend a friend's wedding. Last weekend we sneakily organized a bachelor party for him in Amsterdam. Preparing it was already great fun and the night itself was even better. He, being Indian, has one favorite Dutch word: zakje (meaning so much as: little sack; which is often used to refer to your "nut sack"). He got it from a great sketch from comedian John Fealy who is describing the experience of shopping at Holland's most famous supermarket, the Albert Heijn. If you want to check it out, the "zakje" part starts at 2.56 (but the rest is awesome as well). Enjoy!

So one of the thing I made for him was his very own zakje :-) with balls that are squishy and actually lit up when shaken! How much fun is that... If you enlarge the picture below and look at the obvious place you can see them in action :-)

He also had to perform a whole list of challenges and he got pretty far.

Some pics are decent enough to put on this blog, the rest will be kept in a safe place ;-)

That's it. Coming two weeks will be used work wise to prepare for the eventual split of ING and privately to prep ourselves for our India trip!!!


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