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Monday, May 04, 2009

Queensday 2009

Night & Day...

The best day of the year is over... I have to wait another whole year before I can celebrate Queensday again. This year it was great! After being gone for the past couple of times, this time I was in the Netherland and that called for a proper celebration. On Wednesday evening (Queensnight) Shosh and my sister with her boyfriend came over to Utrecht. We dressed up in our orange outfits, called a couple of people and went into the city to pre-celebrate the birthday of our previous queens (a.k.a a good excuse to walk in the streets in orange clothing with a beer in your hand).

Unfortunately Piggy couldn't join us both of course we made sure he could also enjoy the orange feeling ;-)
The day after we had breakfast and took a train to Amsterdam (which simply is THE place to be for Queensday - but it sucks on Queensnight...). We started out in the Vondelpark where we witnessed the masses going through all the little stands with second-hand stuff and kids with innovative ideas to make some money.

Afterwards we went straight to the Museumplein where Radio 538 has a stage with a whole lot of famous artists. We met up with Thieu's brother and his girlfriend, got some more beer and enjoyed the happy crowd, good music and awesome weather! And of course I enjoyed all the compliments on my great orange "business" suit... haha :-)

The rest of the weekend we spent in Weert. Relaxing and watching a movie on Friday. Working in my sister's garden the entire Saturday and ending the day with sushi and a boardgame. And the Sunday was a day of relaxing and catching up with a friend from China (Marc Frencken) who is in Holland for a short period of time.

Groeten uit Holland!
Ruudje & Shosh

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