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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Final Exams & Christmas

Sweating students and many, many cool gifts!!!

So last time I told you I was preparing all the exams, this time I tell you that they are all done and over with. I even graded everything :-) Just in time because tomorrow my parents will arrive in Kunming! Giving the final exams wasn't a big deal, just distribute them and watch them for two hours, checking that they do not cheat (or at least try to do so...). Most of them did very well on their finals. On average I only had to fail about 4 students per class of approx. 40 students.

All in all I had a really nice first semester. At first I really had to get used to it, but it got easier by the week! I really like most of my students and I am glad that I will have my 3rd year students again next semester. The picture below is from me and Amy, probably the tiniest students I have. For most of the students at Yangpu I am that tall, white teacher that comes to school by bike... lol.
And of course this week we also celebrated Christmas!! We organized a small party at our place which included Secret Santa, White Elephant and a Potluck. Everyone did as "ordered", so we ended up with a big pile of presents and lots of good food. As I understood it Secret Santa was what we in Holland call: "surprises". I picked Collin and since he likes mountain climbing I decided to build a miniature Mount Everest and hide the presents in there. Of course I also made a poem (as good, old Dutch custom requires you to do...) and I have to admit that it sounded pretty good (this is of course all due to my "excellent" English rhyming skills... haha!!!).

Tomorrow morning at 10.20 my parents will arrive at the train station. I am going to pick them up and then I can show them the city their son has been living for more than 8 months now. Really looking forward to this!!!

In case I don't "talk" to you before the 31st:
Happy New Year!!!

Ruudje & Shos


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Ouwe!

Anonymous said...

Lieve Ruud,
Heb al lang niets op je blog geschreven, daarom nu nog een verlaat maar gemeend heerlijk 2008 gewenst! Je bent een superding aan het doen daar in China: wat een ervaringen allemaal. Op dit moment ben je volgens mij op reis: geniet en wees voorzichtig.
Lieve groet van Maartje

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