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Monday, November 12, 2007

Drag show and rock festival

Transvestites and punkers

Last Friday we were invited to a Chinese drag queen performance in a gay club in Kunming. Don't ask how we got that invitation, but I am glad we did because it was great fun! After a couple of really cool performances and a "pop-quiz" on AIDS/HIV prevention/awareness we took off to Kundu to party with some of the gay guys. We spent a couple of hours in a club called House and ended up in the car of one of the guys who was kind enough to give us a ride "home" a.k.a the SpeakEasy. Few more beers there and then we called it the night.

The next day I went to a Chinese rock "festival", some 30 kilometers outside Kunming in Taiping. It was really great to see and hear all these Chinese rock, punk and jazz bands. It was a small and "cosy" party with lots of very nice people. Too bad that I got a little drunk and lost my camera (or it got stolen...) and due to the darkness and lack of light there was no way to recover it :-( But I was not the only one that lost something, others lost their cell phone or even an entire backpack, which leads me to believe that some Chinese persons took the opportunity to acquire some "new" Western items... So at this point no pictures. Hopefully it did not get stolen and someone found it and is now looking for me to return it. Otherwise I'll have to go shopping for a new one.

Now back to grading all the exams I gave last week and preparing classes for this week!

Tot snel,

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