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Saturday, August 25, 2007

A plane, a lot of rain, but back "home"

It didn't go exactly as planned, but I'm back in Kunming!

Picking up the passport with my new Chinese Z-visum and catching the train to Guangzhou went without any problems at all. Taking the metro from one trainstation to the other, also flawless. Finding the ticket office to buy my train ticket to Kunming worked out well. BUT after standing in line for over an hour they kindly told me that all trains to Kunming were completely sold out for the next 2 days... Bummer! Since I absolutely did not feel like spending three nights in this huge, commercial city I decided to fly back.

Besides a short delay due to heavy rainfall the flight was alright and at around 22.30 I was back in Kunming. Short taxi ride home and a difficult discussion with the frontdesk lady I got the key to my (our) new apartment. We now have an apartment on the other side of the hotel where it is more quiet and people can't stare into your room from the adjacent buildings :-) So room 401 at the Yunda Binguan is where I (we) will live for the next 10 months.

("old" pictures of the Tiger Temple near Kanchanaburi)

The next days I spent getting all our stuff out of storage, unpacking and "decorating" the room. And of course a big part of my time is spent on preparing for classes that start next Wednesday. The schedule is pretty full since they put all my hours in 3 days. So Monday and Tuesday are off, Wednesday 14.30-17.20, Thursday 8.00-17.20, and Friday 8.00-12.00. Luckily I only have to go two days to Yangpu campus which is 45 minutes away by bus. The Thursday is on the campus I live next to, so at walking distance!

In the next post I will tell you all about meeting my students and my first "classes"! Tonight a BBQ from the NBSO and tomorrow Shoshannah will be back. Normal life can start... ;-)



Manon said...

Ruud Batta, klaag jij nu dat je dagen zo vol zitten?????

3 dagen...waarvan 2 'halve' dagen....das luxe man!! Ik zie het alweer...niks meer gewend jij ;)

Succes en dikke kus!

Anonymous said...

Hee suc6 "teacher" groeten vanuit weert.

Essertjes said...


Maak ze maar slim die Chinezen!!!!

Die uit Gulpen

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